Thai Massage

The powerful Thai Massage loosens up deep tension patterns and activates weakened body parts at the same time.

The Thai massage consists of passive stretching positions, pressure point massage and stretching movements which mobilize your joints. Through gentle stretching and rhythmic pressure of palms, thumbs, knees, elbows and feet, ten selected energy lines are massaged.

The traditional Thai massage is very powerful and dynamic and usually takes place on a floor mat. In the Schönerie however, we chose are more convenient massage couch for your complete relaxation..

The Thai massage originated in the Indian Ayurvedic Medizinund has evolved over centuries. It is based on well-known principles such as muscle massage, pressure point massage (acupressure) and gentle stretching and relaxing. During the Thai massage, the masseur uses the entire body to precisely dose the pressure by shifting weight. The back muscles are loosened with the flat hands, circling thumb movements and other techniques to relax the body. In addition, various pulling movements and pressure applications are used to stretch your entire body.

mittelkräftige Massage

(per person)

30 min.         

 € 40,-

45 min.         

 € 59,-

60 min.         

 € 75,-

90 min.         

 € 99,-

120 min.         

 € 130,-

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