The Shiatsu technique, which is carried out on the clothed body, improves your general condition and leads to emotional balance.

 Shiatsu is a holistic method which originates in the traditional Far Eastern health science. Fundamental to it is the idea of ​​the all-pervading life energy. It is referred to as Ki (Japanese) or Qi (Chinese). In the human body, this universal energy flows through a complex network of meridians. Shiatsu is used to improve and harmonize the flow of Ki.
Shiatsu can cause a significant improvement in general health and emotional balance. In addition, it increases your body awareness. Thus, physical complaints such as fatigue, insomnia and pain can often be alleviated through shiatsu practise. It is suitable for people of all ages.

mittelkräftige Massage

(per person):

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90 min.         

 € 99,-

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