Foot Reflex Zone Massage

A boon for your feet. By massaging special zones your whole body will be adressed.

The Foot Reflex Zone Massage is based on the theory that the whole human body, including the organ system, is divided into certain foot reflex zones. Massaging these reflex zones activates the self healing ability of the respective organ. Thus, chronic and acute pain can be alleviated.
 During the Foot Reflex Massage, your whole foot will be treated, including foot sole, back, ankle and heel. This will have a calming, soothing effect and causes your organs to run bodily functions even more efficiently.

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(per person)

30 min.         

 € 40,-

45 min.         

 € 59,-

60 min.         

 € 75,-

90 min.         

 € 99,-

120 min.         

 € 130,-

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