Hot Stone Massage

Hot Stone Massage Berlin

Smooth, warmed up lava stones loosen tensions and tensenesses, even those in the deep tissues of your body.

During the Hot Stone Massage, your body will be coated and rubbed with oil. Subsequently, smooth lava stones which previously had been warmed up to a 60° Celsius are placed on your back. Thus, they provide your body with heat for a long time. This will cause any tense muscels to relax almost immediately. Towards the end, the lava stones will be removed one by one by gentle movements in circles, so that your body is slowly tuned in on the end of the treatment.
At Schönerie, the Hot Stone Massage is considered a wellness massage. As it is both a heat and massage therapy at once, it is ideal to relax from the everyday hectic that surronds us and to let new energy flow into your body.

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(per person)

30 min

45 min.

60 min.         

€ 40,-

€ 59,-

€ 75,-

90 min.         

 € 99,-

120 min.         

 € 130,-

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