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Über mich

From the "Wohlfühlers" to the Schönerie

I dreamed of becoming a beautician from the age of 13. At first I trained as a hairdresser, but that didn't really satisfy me. After that, I wanted to try studying, but during lectures I kept catching myself daydreaming about beauty school. I therefore soon gave up theory and fulfilled my wish: I switched to a private vocational school for cosmetics with state recognition. I then ran a beauty parlour in Bad Kreuznach for nine years.

After many years of working as a classic beautician, I got my hands on a very interesting book that fundamentally changed my attitude to cosmetics: it described the cosmetic ingredients in detail and assessed them very critically, so that at first I thought I would have to give up my job!!!
The new knowledge about the disastrous substances of the "modern" cosmetics industry, such as chemical preservatives (parabens), perfumes, emulsifiers, plasticisers and the effects on the human body frightened me deeply and my feeling was that I would never be able to use any of it again, let alone sell it. So I became more and more interested in natural cosmetics, which produce such wonderfully effective and pleasant extracts from the plant world, such as aloe vera, the purest oils, healing earth, etc.

As a convinced natural cosmetician, I switched to the Wohlfühler in Kollwitzstraße, where I built up and managed the cosmetics department for two and a half years.

I then decided to open my own shop - Die Schönerie was born, where I now work with a clear conscience using organic products from Santa Verde, Zartgefühl and LCN, so I can feel that I am only doing good for my customers.

As I know many highly qualified masseurs and am a massage addict myself, I have created a space in the Schönerie to be able to offer my clients this careful selection of massage therapists. Because beauty is always created through a co-operation of different aspects.

Your Katrin Ghane Basiri

Naturkosmetikerin Berlin Katrin

The words cosmos and cosmetics are both derived from the Greek word for "order, adornment, care". The Greeks did not regard cosmetics merely as superficial adornment, but rather had the task of bringing people back into an orderly, harmonious relationship with the world and with themselves. A cultivated sensuality finds its outward expression in a carefree approach to cosmetic care and decoration."