Osteopathy is a "gentle" form of therapy that fully relies on the self-healing powers of the body. According to the principle of life is movement, osteopathy is all about maintaining the mobility of the individual tissues and thus creating the conditions for the self-regulating processes in the body. Each part of the body needs a lot of freedom of movement for optimal functioning.

In the diagnosis, we feel with our hands where there are blockages in the body of the patient, which stand in the way of a free mobility and thus a healing self-regulation. In the subsequent, again exclusively manual therapy, our goal is to release these blockages and to enable the body to optimally use its own physiological resources and to find it again in a harmonious unity.

Many statutory health insurance companies participate in the treatment costs. Some private health insurance companies and alternative health insurance companies even cover the costs completely. Please consult your health insurance carrier.

A list of the reimbursement by the statutory health insurance companies can be found here:


Session (60 min)

 € 80,-

Therapists, offering this kind of treatment:

Masseur Renè

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